Majors - Crafton Hills College-九州体育平台入口
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For specific degree requirements for your major of interest, please consult the College Catalog.

AA-T and AS-T indicate Associate Degrees for Transfer. Please see the College Catalog for more information.

List of Academic and Career Programs
Program NameDegreesCertificates
Accounting AA
American Sign Language AA
Anatomy and Physiology
Anthropology AA, AA-T
Art AA,
Biology , AS-T
Business Administration AS, AS-T
Chemistry AS, AS-T
Child Development and Education AA, AA-T, AS-T
Communication Studies AA, AA-T
Computer Information Systems
Computer Science AS, AS-T
Economics AA-T
Emergency Medical Services AS
English AA, AA-T
Fire Technology AS
Geography AA-T, AS
Geology AS, AS-T
History AA, AA-T
Japanese AA
Kinesiology AA-T
Marketing AA
Mathematics AA, AS-T
Music AA, AA-T
Nursing Services
Philosophy AA, AA-T
Physics AS, AS-T
Political Science AA, AA-T
Psychology AA, AA-T
Radiologic Technology AS
Religious Studies AA
Respiratory Care BS, AS
Sociology AA,
Spanish AA-T
Theatre Arts AA, AA-T
Multidisciplinary Degrees
Environmental ScienceAS
Fine ArtsAA
Health SciencesAS
Liberal Studies - Teacher PreparationAA
Multiple SciencesAS
Social ScienceAA